A Framework of Excellence

What sets Oregon Pacific apart?
For starters, we’re small enough to be flexible — adept at shifting our focus as market needs change. Our understanding of regional economic drivers, planning issues and the nuances of local markets give us a competitive advantage in investment and development.

When it comes to property management, we are part of the Portland community, not absentee asset landlords. We provide responsive and thorough customer service. Our knowledgeable team has the skills and expertise to get the job done — regardless of the property or project.

The Oregon Pacific philosophy is a simple one. Invest strategically. Develop wisely. Manage with care. It’s a philosophy that has served us well.

Investing in our Future

The real estate investor of today wears many different hats.
Financier. Diplomat. Entrepreneur. At Oregon Pacific Investment and Development Company, we possess the experience, talent and insight to pull these roles together — project after project.

Some companies believe the most important aspect of investing is how you buy a property. Others believe the key is in how you manage or add value. Still others focus on market timing. At Oregon Pacific, we tailor our strategy to the individual investment opportunity, while looking at the intrinsic long-term value of the asset that can be achieved through management and repositioning.

Because of our lean size and flexible, non-bureaucratic decision-making, we can act fast and respond immediately to acquisition and development opportunities. Absent are the cumbersome layers and reliance on committees found in larger, more institutional players.

Managing to be the Best

As owners, we have a special interest in all our properties.
For us, the job doesn’t end once you move in — that’s when our long-term relationship really begins.

Our staff is here to serve you, as are every one of our principals. Pick up the phone and you can speak directly with a decision maker who will see that your needs are taken care of — quickly and competently. Our full-service staff includes building engineers and maintenance personnel—on-call 24 hours a day. They are professionals you’ll come to know by name.

We have a long-term commitment to helping our clients achieve business success. Our focus is on the day-to-day concerns of our tenants. We consider their comfort, traffic flow, noise and security, as well as cost effectiveness, maintenance and financing — leaving our clients free to concentrate on their business.

It’s a strategy that works. Our occupancy rates are among the highest in town. Our tenant retention is exceptional too, with several of our clients leasing space with us for 20 years or longer. Relationships like this don’t happen by chance. They happen because of consistent and dedicated service and face-to-face landlord accountability throughout every phase of the process.